[Advaita-l] FW: Go Seva is Gopala Seva - Video and photos from Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary at Bangor, PA - USA

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Mon Jan 29 17:25:40 CST 2007


I am forwarding a message from another list where I am a member. When you 
read the message below, you would be able to appreciate what is being done 
to protect cows in America especially. It is a small start, but with more 
help from others, it has a huge potential to become as a lifestyle for many. 
Please help by passing this among your friends.

I talked to Sri. Sankar Sastri, when he gave me additional information about 
the project.

It costs $45 a month to raise a cow. $1 buys 10 pounds of feed for the cows. 
Any money big or small could be used by him.

He is also looking for someone to help him in his chores. The person will 
get free accommodation, free vegetarian food and also $500 per month.


================= Forwarded Message ===============
>"Serving a cow is equivalent to serving Lord Krishna" is the motto of Sri
>Sankar Sastri, enjoying the company of ten cows in a serene environment
>close to Sri Sringeri Mutt at  Stroudsburg, PA. and Sri Arsha Gurukul
>Vidyalaya at Saylorsburg, PA.  Refreshing air, clean pond and sprawling
>fields present a striking contrast to polluted air, dirty rivers and 
>houses of metropolitan cities in USA. The company of cows, silence, and
>solitude make the place ideal for reading the Bhagavad Gita, contemplation
>and meditation.
>Prof. Sankar Sastri calls it "Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary" remembering the name 
>the cow loved by Sri Ramana Maharishi. Prof. Sankar Sastri is inspired by
>Kanchi Paramacharya who loved cows and spent many hours and days in Go
>Salas. Hindus regard the cow as sacred for many reasons. Cows give milk for
>all people, from birth to death. When cows start producing milk in
>diminishing quantities or stop producing milk, they are sent to slaughter
>houses. At that stage, Sankar Sastri rushes to prevent cruelty to cows
>offering loving care and protection.
>Prof. Sankar Sastri has a Doctorate degree in Engineering, worked as a
>Professor and Dean of Engineering in Brooklyn for decades, and now is
>enjoying retirement in the midst of cows. He shares his pension and social
>security with ten holy cows. His mission is to add divinity to the cow
>sanctuary and build a prayer hall for Go Mathaa. He visualizes youngsters 
>the area visiting the cow sanctuary and developing love for animals. He
>wants to provide facilities for devotees to perform Go Puja. He hopes that
>many others start similar cow sanctuaries in all the states of America,
>India and the whole world.
>Prof. Sastri is a role model for many retirees who aspire to engage
>themselves in worth while projects and share their retirement benefits and
>social security with cows.   Please visit the link above for videos and the
>link below for photos taken during the feeding inside the shed.
>For more information please contact:
>  Professor Sankar Sastri
>C/o Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary
>1515 Ridge Road
>Bangor, PA 18013
>Email: sankar1 at yahoo.com  <mailto:sankar1 at yahoo.com>
>Tel. No: (610)599 8824; (610) 653 7079
>Website:  www.cowprotection.com  <http://www.cowprotection.com/>

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