[Advaita-l] To Ram Garib

Ram Garib garib_ram at yahoo.co.in
Sat Jan 27 17:22:53 CST 2007

Sri Martone  wrote:

> Hello Ram Garib
> Could you please tell me which are the "other
> conditions" that must be right
> for  advaitAnubhava occurs?

Dear Martone:

They are said to be four:

1) Understanding that worldly pursuits can not give me
what I am really seeking.

2) Since worldly pursuits cannot give me what I really
want, ergo, an indifference to worldly pursuits born
out of conviction 1).

3) Self discipline (involves six types of mental and
physical training).

4) Desire for liberation.

This is the gist of "other conditions". I am sure, you
will get better answers from people more qualified
than me.

With regards,
Ram Garib

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