on advaita and society (was Re: [Advaita-l] New member, introduction: Asad Mustafa Rizvi)

Kris Manian krismanian at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 11:55:25 CST 2007

>Amuthan said
>the closest a society can come to advaita is by believing in some form
>of divine union with god. but there it ends. advaita is more of an
>experiential reality that transcends every form of god and religion
>than a theoretical philosophy and is best understood by saMnyAsIs who
>are bold enough to crush their own personality to non-existence, burn
>their passions to ashes and renounce all their cherished and fancy
>conceptions for the sake of the truth.

I believe Ramana said that (Cmiiw) you dont have to be saMnyasI to achive
what he did, in an interview. This may be against the smrutis.

But I am curious, how many in this news group are practicing Advaitins?
How many can go in to or gone in to samadhi state? If at all possible
can you explain how that was?

Another question is, if most of the participants in this group agree with
Amuthan's statement, then is your discussion about Advaita in this group
for theoritical purposes only? (or an ego trip to show that I know so much
but I dont practice:-)


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