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Thu Jan 25 17:01:26 CST 2007

namo nArAyana
Dear Asadji,
> It makes me wonder if advaita vedanta is really as prominent in hinduism as you say it is.
Well if you see Sanatan Dharma today in all it's glory, you will see that Jagadguru SankarAcarya has influenced every single aspect of Hinduism, without Hindu's even knowing it! The whole concept of pancAyatana deva puja was founded by pujyapAda and today every single 'Hindu' mandir would have the 5 deities.
The whole influence of the 'prasthAna trayi' was founded by pujyapAda and was later then adopted by the other AcArya's.
If you ask any 'general' Hindu is rAma and kR^IshhNa the same they would say yes (and also agreed by vaishnavas) but then if you ask the question is kR^ishhNa and shiva the same the 'general' hindu viewpoint would be 'yes' (please note i am only talking from a general point of view of Hindu's and not specific sampradAyas which would elevate one specific deity).
So to answer your statement, in one sense ,no, not everyone 'knows' advaita vedAnta is predominant but if you look at the subtle aspects of sanAtan dharma you would find advaita vedAnta in abundance.
Kind regards,Krunal

> Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 18:26:50 +0000> From: asad.mustafa at> Subject: Re: RES: [Advaita-l] New member introduction: Asad Mustafa Rizvi> To: advaita-l at> > > > Ramesh Krishnamurthy <rkmurthy at> wrote: You are thoroughly mistaken on the above. Ramana Maharshi was a> teacher in the tradition of Advaita-Vedanta (which is why you have> come to this list). The word 'Advaita' is sanskrit for 'not-two' i.e.> non-duality. Advaita-Vedanta is very much a part of mainstream> Hinduism. In fact, if Advaita-Vedanta isnt mainstream Hinduism,> nothing is. Non-duality is an ancient and very well-established> tradition in Hinduism, starting with the Upanishads. > > ===> In the name of God, most gracious, most merciful.> > Dear Mr. Amuthan and Mr. Ramesh:> > I may be mistaken about mainstream beliefs of hinduism, but my observation was not without any basis. I personally know quite a few hindus. When I got curious about Ramana Maharishi, I first asked them about him. Frankly, they were as clueless as me. Some of them had vaguely heard Ramana's name, some showed a namesake respect but most of them did not know anything at all about him. > > Mind you, I am not talking about irreligious atheist type hindus. I am talking about mainstream, God fearing, temple going hindus. In my circle of hindu friends, I do not know anyone who knows about Ramana Maharishi's teachings. Though it is possible that I might have met a seriously biased sample of hindus yet not very likely. I have a pretty large circle of hindu friends. > > It makes me wonder if advaita vedanta is really as prominent in hinduism as you say it is.> > Jazakallah> Asad Mustafa Rizvi> > > ---------------------------------> Here’s a new way to find what you're looking for - Yahoo! Answers > _______________________________________________> Archives:> > To unsubscribe or change your options:>> > For assistance, contact:> listmaster at
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