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Shyam Subramanian shyamsub at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 16:44:47 CST 2007

Dear Sri Rama & Sri Ravi,

The tamil translation of the pancadaSI by SrI j~naanaananda bhAratI, 
(which is there at 
, thanks to Sri murali) has
a bibliography of his numerous works at the end (don't know if it is 
complete and the sources for these books
are probably outdated now).

The bibliography also says that he wrote a tamiz translation of the BSB 
and a considerable number of
other works of the acharyas.

The digital library of India (http://www.new.dli.ernet.in/testpage.html 
) has some more works of his; the saint of sringeri
and "sparks from a divine anvil"- however, they don't seem to be 
accessible now. I was able to download his "valmiki hrudayam" in tamil 
using a code given by Sri murali- I can send the pdf to Sri Ravi if he 
wants to upload it on the advaita vedanta website.


Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian wrote:
> On 1/25/07, Ravi Mayavaram <abhayambika at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian <rama.balasubramanian at ...> writes:
>> >
>> > One detail that I forgot to mention: The VNM has a vyaakhyaanaa by
>> > Srimad Bhaaratii tiirtha Svaamina.h himself. The notes by JBS are
>> > based on this. Only the verse parts are available in Sanskrit, the
>> > vyAkhyaana has not been published here.
>> >
>> > The published book has a shrImukham from the current head of Srigeri
>> > Matha, also name Sri Bhaaratii Tirtha.
>> >
>> Thanks Rama. Did JBS write any other complete translation of BSB?
> Ravi,
> I think he may have, but I am not sure. It sounded like this is the
> first time the VNM translation of JBS is being published (from the
> preface), it seems to have existed only in manuscript form. I have
> read/have about 15 books by him. It would be great if someone could
> compile a bibliography of JBS. I consider him one of the best writers
> in the English/Tamiz languages. Perhaps the next time I visit India,
> I'll eqnuire around.
> Rama
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