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Thu Jan 25 12:26:50 CST 2007

Ramesh Krishnamurthy <rkmurthy at> wrote:  You are thoroughly mistaken on the above. Ramana Maharshi was a
teacher in the tradition of Advaita-Vedanta (which is why you have
come to this list). The word 'Advaita' is sanskrit for 'not-two' i.e.
non-duality. Advaita-Vedanta is very much a part of mainstream
Hinduism. In fact, if Advaita-Vedanta isnt mainstream Hinduism,
nothing is. Non-duality is an ancient and very well-established
tradition in Hinduism, starting with the Upanishads. 
  In the name of God, most gracious, most merciful.
  Dear Mr. Amuthan and Mr. Ramesh:
  I may be mistaken about mainstream beliefs of hinduism, but my observation was not without any basis. I personally know quite a few hindus. When I got curious about Ramana Maharishi, I first asked them about him. Frankly, they were as clueless as me. Some of them had vaguely heard Ramana's name, some showed a namesake respect but most of them did not know anything at all about him. 
  Mind you, I am not talking about irreligious atheist type hindus. I am talking about mainstream, God fearing, temple going hindus. In my circle of hindu friends, I do not know anyone who knows about Ramana Maharishi's teachings. Though it is possible that I might have met a seriously biased sample of hindus yet not very likely. I have a pretty large circle of hindu friends. 
  It makes me wonder if advaita vedanta is really as prominent in hinduism as you say it is.
  Asad Mustafa Rizvi

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