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Tue Jan 23 09:22:46 CST 2007

Martone <martone at> wrote:  Selam brother Rizvi

I would like to say that I am also Muslim, converted to Islam about 9 years
ago and I also think that Sri Ramana Maharshi says the same in depth what
Islam says and all other true religions do, in the world.

Thank you for your participation in this group.

  In the name of God, most gracious, most merciful.
   Salaam brother Cecilia:
  I did not know there were other Muslims on this forum. 
  When I first read Ramana Maharshi, I was struck by the clarity of his vision. But for his language and cultural context, his words could have been coming directly from the aayats of the holy Qura'n. After reading Ramana Maharishi, I can now understand the holy Qur'an on a much deeper level than earlier. I have no doubts that Ramana Maharishi was a realized sufi master in the highest traditions of Islam.
  Asad Mustafa Rizvi

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