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Fri Jan 19 22:40:47 CST 2007

namo nArAyaNAya!

dear shrI vinAyaka,

On 1/19/07, br_vinayaka <vinayaka_ns_at_yahoo.com> wrote:
> ... May I know the
> scriptural source for the statement: Disappearing of vritti is nothing but
> transition from samprajnata samadhi to nirvikalpa samadhi?

i'm not sure if there is such a source. i just wanted to rewrite a
vedAntic assertion using the terminology of pAta~njala yoga.

the reasons are as follows: brahmAkAra vRtti is certainly a form of
samAdhi since during that time the intellect remains steadily in the
realization 'aham brahmAsmi'. it is of the saMpraj~nAta variety since
there is cognition of qualities like all-pervasiveness, changelessness
etc. during the samAdhi.

when the brahmAkAravRtti subsides in the self, there is no cognition
in the normal sense of the term (which presupposes the mind, the
instrument of cognition). this condition of being the true self devoid
of any form of cognition is accordingly called a-saMpraj~nAta samAdhi.

vAsudevaH sarvaM,

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