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shrIgurubhyo namaH
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Dear Advaitins 


There is one interesting topic going on in advaitin list about the realization according to shankara. When i was going through that, one of the member had given me a link in the advaita-l which was very much useful for me to appreciate the concpet of vritti vyapya and phala vyapya. In one of the post with it was written by Shri Sastri-ji that:

Therefore the vRitti j~nAna destroys avidyA and then it itself disappears
and the person remains as Brahman. You may know the classical example. The
heat of the sun cannot by itself burn a piece of straw. But when this heat
is focussed through a lens it burns the straw. svarUpaj~nAna is like the sun
and vRtti j~nAna is like the heat through the lens. svarUpa j~nAna is no
doubt beyond the intellect because it alone is pAramArthika (absolute
reality), while the intellect is only vyAvahArika (empirical reality).
ramaNa mahaRshi's staements do not at all contradict the


I dont know whether Sasrti-ji is there in the list or not. Can anybody help me to understand the vRitti arising and destroying avidya and disappearing and making the person realized?

vRitti is defined as getting rid of all anatma thought and when is totally devoid of all anatma thought avidya gets automatically destroyed. But i could not follow why it is said that vRitti itself disapperars. Hope some learned members can throw some light on this intricate topic.

Yours in Sri Ramakrishna,

Br. Vinayaka

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