[Advaita-l] Review of MarthaDoherty's comments on SriSatchidanandendra Sarasvati

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Tue Feb 27 22:59:29 CST 2007

Hare Krishna

In all probability this review of Martha Doherty's paper  has been written
by Sri Jnanaprasunendra Saraswati  Swamiji of Mattur....I had given the
print out of this paper (I've received hard copy of this article directly
from Marta Doherty) to Swamiji through my guruji Sri Ashwatha Narayana
Avadhani.  Today morning my guruji told me that swamiji,  had written a
detailed reply to this paper & asked someone to put it in computer .  Now
Swamiji is not there in Mattur & he is in Sirsi (Dakshina Kannada) forest
to do tapasya...Since this has been written by a saNyAsi, the author's name
/ photograph not appeared in the article.  Anyway, I request Sri Shiva P
prabhuji to confirm the source of this information.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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