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> Sending this mail again as it did not show up on the list.
> Apologies if you
> receive it twice.
> praNAm.h shrI Jayanarayanan,
> Let's call the following statement, A.
> > It is declared
> > repeatedly in the Bhamati that (even in the case of the
> enlightened
> > person) the impression (Samskara) of Ignorance, understood as
> > synonymous with Vasana, had to be suppressed by direct intuition
> > obtained through repeated re-affirmation of knowledge of the
> truth
> > (Bhamati, English translation p.61,108,127).
> >
> And this statement, B.
> > This doctrine is
> > expressly refuted by Sri Sankara in his Commentary on the
> > Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1.4.7 (translation Madhavananda, p.
> 131)."
> Let me focus on the above portion of the quote (i.e., statements A
> and B).
> >From your mail, it seems like you deduced that B contradicts the
> portion of
> A that talks about continuation of vAsanas (in the sense of SV) in
> an
> enlightened person. But the other cross-reference given for
> statement B,
> Method of Vedanta 67.1 (which you did not quote btw), shows that
> the
> refutation was of the "repeated re-affirmation of knowledge of the
> truth"
> part.

I don't agree with your contrived explanation, but be that as it may.
Perhaps we can give SSS the benefit of doubt in the above context.

How about this quote then, where the topic is the Panchapadika (p.

"Here the doctrine is that the power of Ignorance persists throughout
the three states, accompanied by the latent impression of the ego.
But several points are not explained. When Ignorance has been
abolished through metaphysical knowledge, how can it in some sense
continue through a latent impression?"

SSS has phrased his objection in the form of a question. In other
words, SSS is incredulous that a latent impression can exist after
metaphysical knowledge!


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