[Advaita-l] Reconciling current research with Advaitic theory ofmind

Ravishankar Venkatraman sunlike at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 23 10:40:44 CST 2007

Mahesh Ursekar wrote:

>Thanks for your detailed reply. I agree with your viewpoints to a large
>extent - including the difference you point out between 'cit of Vedanta' 
>'consciousness of science'. However, based on my understanding of the

Further to what Shyam said very clearly, I wanted to add a bit more.

The center for sat-chit-ananda (consciousness of Vedanta) is the heart on 
the right side of the chest. This is not the physical heart. Further 
explanation of this could be found in the translations of ADVAITA-SAADHANAA 
of Kanchi Mahaswami posted here by Prof. V. Krishnamurthy and also in the 
book "Talks with Sri. Ramana Maharishi". The location for consciousness 
(described in medicine) is the brain. This is a major difference.

When I started reading English translations of various books in Vedanta and 
Hinduism 20 years ago,  I used to encounter the word "Ether" often for the 
5th element "AkAsh". After taking few courses in Modern Physics in college, 
where the existance of ether was disproved, I used to have difficulty in 
understanding how to interpret what the translations really meant. Some 
authors used the word "Space" for this.

Similarly, the word consciousness could cause potential confusion among 
readers of Vedanta literature. We may be better off using the actual 
Sanskrit word everywhere.

My 2 cents...


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>Pranams Shyamji:

>article posted vis-a-vis Advaitic concepts, it seems that the Advaitic 
>of mind* is undermined. I am not sure if  you have addressed that question
>in enough detail to help me reconcile the scientific findings with Advaita.
>Pranams, Mahesh

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