[Advaita-l] Re: BrahmaGYAna and jIvanmukti - 5 (Other References)

Ravi Mayavaram abhayambika at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 09:18:35 CST 2007

Vidyasankar Sundaresan <svidyasankar at ...> writes:

> 1. There is one position that is called prasaMkhyAna vAda, which says that 
> the jnAna obtained through SravaNa is never enough to result in liberation. 
> Therefore, meditation on brahman needs to be done and this will generate 
> fresh jnAna, which results in liberation. The proponents of this view 
> further say that this meditation is enjoined as a fresh action that needs to 
> be accomplished by one who has known brahman through hearing the vedAnta 
> sentences. In technical terms, this is called an apUrva vidhi.

While dealing with prasaN^khyaana in naishhkarmyasiddhi this issue is discussed
in detail. This is what I understood, corrections are welcome.

* shravaNa + manana is enough to reveal the knowledge and remove any samshaya
about pramaaNa and prameya etc.

* nididhyaasana is not actually meditation on  this knowledge.  brahman is not
going to be revealed by such a (repeated) meditation, if it was not revealed
before. nididhyAsana is constant warding or holding of viparyaya or incorrect
knowledge, such as jagat is real and so on.

* In the context of what Kartik posted, I think, such a nididhyAsana destroys
vAsana-s which constantly bring such incorrect ideas to the surface. 

I tried to understand using an example.  In the case of adhama adhikArins,
shravaNa and manAna may reveal Atmaj~nAna by say creating crack the cover of
darkness (like a break in cloud cover revealing Sun). But this is not same as
rising above the darkness to have a uninterrupted vision.  For such cases,
nididhyAsana is the step of holding of this darkness enveloping again, till one
 completely overcomes it.


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