[Advaita-l] BrahmaGYAna and jIvanmukti - 5 (Other References)

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> It is interesting that VidyAraNya likens the sthitapraGYa's state to
> that of a woman who, although outwardly involved in housework, is
> completely absorbed in thinking about her lover. Whereas a GYAnimAtra
> is likened to one who sometimes thinks of her lover, sometimes the
> housework. The aGYAnI, of course, would be someone who is only
> involved in the housework, and is not in love at all.

How about someone who is an aGYAni and mumukSu? I do not want to be
seen as extending the nice example, but the aGYAni who is a mumukSu
will not fit anywhere in the above analogy will he/she? Obviously an
aGYAni who is mumukSu has some interest in knowing the self. So, such
a person will not always be involved in "housework." I take it that in
your example you would say that housework is a parallel to
materialistic pursuits as opposed to spiritual quests.

> In Bhagavan's usage, he uses a terminology that is different from
> VidyAraNya:
> Bhagavan <--> ViydAraNya
> jnani  <--> sthitapraGYa
> ajnani <--> aGYAnI
> One who has a glimpse of the ultimate reality <--> GYAnimAtra

In the quote provided there is not adequate information to know
whether bhagavAn actually calls a person with a glimpse of the self as
anything other than aGYAni. May be you have other quotes from bhagavAn
that shows the above terminology.

In the quote from Talks, you went as far as:
 Brahman shines forth once and forever).
 (Note: Above quote is from Chandogya 8.4.2)
 M.: They refer to the permanent realisation and not to the glimpse.
 D.: How is it possible that a man forgets his very experience and
 falls back into ignorance?
 Sri Bhagavan illustrated it with the following story: ...

Can you please provide the rest of the quote; especially the
illustration by bhagavAn?


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