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Please a clarification of Sri Vidyasankar's comment, "How is any  vyavahAra 
possible for 
one who is always in paramArtha?":
Is the difference between the relative and Absolute intended  to be so 
absolutely distinct? Isn't the removal of  distinctions Sankara's grand methodology? 
Am I wrong to think that it  is the confusion of realities, the mutual 
superimposition, that Self-Knowledge  corrects rather than an utter eradication of  
vyavahAra? -michael chandra
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1. Re: Sannyasa and  jnana (Vidyasankar  Sundaresan)


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>Does shankara comment anywhere that  for realization taking formal sanyasa 
>is a must? I have heard that  there is a scriptural passage also in support 
>of this(I am unable to  recollect the source). Shankara seems to have upheld 
>this view in one  of his introduction to the upanishad(aitareya?)

Formal saMnyAsa  should not be seen in terms of a "must" at all, for 
realization is  ultimately not subject to injunctions and prohibitions. 
Rather, it is a  strong recommendation. The one who truly knows the Self and 
does not  identify with anything that is not-Self will automatically have no 
other  option but to renounce the world. How is any vyavahAra possible for 
one  who is always in paramArtha? If at all a jnAnI has any adhikAra towards  
any action, it is only adhikAra to renounce all action. That is what  Sankara 
means in his commentaries

For others, who aspire to  realization, Self-knowledge is better realized 
through saMnyAsa - whether  this has to be a formal saMnyAsa as known within 
our tradition is a  different story. Note that Ramana Maharishi never 
formally became a  saMnyAsin, but that has not stood in the way of 
acknowledging  him.


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