[Advaita-l] Re: Advaita vEdAnta - Unit (11)

Abhilash Shastry abhilash.shastry at yahoo.co.in
Tue Feb 6 15:57:49 CST 2007

Kris Manian <krismanian at gmail.com> wrote:  Thanks to Shyam and Krisnamurthy Ramakrishnan. You have explained it well
and I think I have grasped it:-) Avidya is indeed beginning less.

I have another question. So Advaita does not believe in evolution and is founded on
Intelligent design? Am I correct?

  This can be answered at two levels:
  1) At the absolute level, there was no creation ever. "Evolution" as well as "Intelligent Design" operate in the realm of ignorance and are false.
  2) At the transactional level, scriptures are authority only for dharma and moksha. References to other subjects are considered secondary and are not to be taken authoritative for any side.

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