[Advaita-l] RE: Advaita vEdAnta - Unit (11)

Sankaran Aniruddhan sankaran_aniruddhan at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 6 12:19:03 CST 2007

  Kris was asking about "the first time jagat was created" and I was trying to say that in the vedic religion there is no such "first time" as in other religions. All creation takes place in cycles. The very fact that karma cannot be born out of nothing (due to cause-effect relationship) points to its beginningless nature. All karma and in fact the notion of separate jIvas is related to avidya that is beginningless. The avidya of the jIva impels it to perform actions that lead to karma.

Sruti smRti purANAnAm Alayam karuNAlayam
namAmi bhagavatpAda Sam.karam lokaSam.karam
Vishy <vishy1962 at yahoo.com> wrote:
  "There was no such initial state - karma is beginningless. The universe with all jIva-s still exists in subtle form even after dissolution, and these get 'recycled' into the next cycle of creation."

This explanation looks too elusive nd certainly doesnt answer the point raised!!!
When the whole karma thoery is about cause and effet, how it can be beginingless??? Can someone be clearer on this please.


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