[Advaita-l] RE: Advaita vEdAnta - Unit (11)

Kris Manian krismanian at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 12:46:00 CST 2007

Thanks Krishnamurthy ji. I have more questions.
> >Objection 6 - Brahman is Partial and Cruel

> >There is wide range of differences in the creation of jagat. There are some
> >who are very happy. Some of the animals undergo immense hardship and
> >distress. Some others would have a mix of happiness and sorrow. So is
> >Brahman partial? In addition, at the time of dissolution, all jIvas
> >experience extreme distress. So is Brahman very cruel? If so, Brahman cannot
> >be the kAraNa for jagat!

> >vEdAntin: The jagat creation with differences in the happiness among jIvas
> >is organized according to their karma. The variations, in the level of
> >happiness among jIvas, is a result of their own making. Brahman is not
> >responsible for this (In business life also, every one is rewarded according
> >to their contributions!). The cause of dissolution is the aggregate karma of
> >jIvas. So this objection of Brahman's partiality or cruelty is not accurate.

 Let us take the very first time the Jagat was created, when there was no karma
at all for Jivas. At that time how many humans and creatures would have been born?
Probably one of whatever species Brhman wanted, right? (Most probably no
animals, birds, insects etc as they are considered lower forms to human and only are
born due to human's bad karma) Because there was no cause for
a vast number of species or vast number of humans as there was no karma to start with. 
There would have been no sorrow, no pain and only all bliss, probably like the Garden of Eden? 
So what do you think started off this chain of Karma and the world as we see it now? 


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