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>Read SSS works and see how his tone is with respect to Padmapaada and 
>Vaacaspati Mishra.

Please recall an earlier thread “Mathur Prakriya”, where Venkata Subramanian 


In fact, H.H. The Sringeri Jagaduru Sri Abhinva Vidya Thirtha 
Mahasannidhanam actually praised Holenarsipur Swamiji as "a true Bhakta of 
the (mula) Acharya".   The Srigeri Jagadguru donated in fact, towards the 
Swamiji's "Vedanta Prakriya Prathyabhignya" his Magnum Opus in Sanskrit.    
This Swamiji is one of the very few, whom the Sringeri Jagadguru visited and 

The Late Kodur Krishna Joyes, Asthana Vidwan of Sringeri was his student in 
fact.  Many of the Sringeri Patroned Vidwans are his students.


Why not follow HH Mahasannidhanam's example as opposed to SSS example, who 
anyway is not someone you would wish to follow? I want you to take my 
statement in the right perspective. I am not arguing with you or Kartik 
here, but I think that there is scope for alternate views on the same 
dispute. Approaching the same difference in a positive manner like HH could 
be considered as an option.

>No offense, have you read any of his works? If not at least read my direct 
>quotations from his own works. Kartik was

I have been more of a listener in this forum, and I would like to continue 
that way. I have not formally learnt the subject from one single traditional 
source. The disadvantage of learning from multiple sources or books is that 
it is confusing sometimes to sift the correct traditional view from others. 
This forum has been great in clearing some of those questions I had in mind.


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