[Advaita-l] Analysis of the Mind-3

prem d p prem_d_p at yahoo.co.in
Wed Dec 26 12:23:06 CST 2007

  dear sri sadananda-ji,
  I have been following your first 3 posts on
'Analysis of The Mind' with great interest.
  I would like to request some clarifications
on your statements below within quotes:
  '...For example, the existence of
heaven or hell or is there life after death or life
before the birth, is there a God who is the ruler of
this world, etc, can not be established by objective
  Heaven or Hell, God as the ruler of the world, etc 
being our conceptions or even super-normal experiences, 
wouldn't they qualify as objectively verifiable though 
by supra-normal means? 
  I do realize that God as Brahman or Self or 
Transcendental Reality is not objectively conceivable.
  Also while contemplating on the subject-object
discussion in your posts, I was yet again struck
by the two processes of zero-ing in on Self: 
  1) Self as Witness or Seer
2) Self as the substratum of stream of phenomena
  and their non-difference even on an intellectual
examination, and that it amounts to tat tvam asi !

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