[Advaita-l] Can any one answer my doubt?

S.N. Sastri sn.sastri at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 08:07:38 CST 2007

When they say the soul is born again and again, WHOM are they refering to?
The SELF is birthless and stays where it has been. The body, ego and mind,
since they are the part of material world are destroyed with the body on

You see mind is actually material in nature. It is caused by the background
working of the body, especially the BRAIN. Of course, the sense of
PERCEPTION and Realness that seems associated with the mind/thoughts is due
to SELF (CONSCIOUSNESS). Self illumines the mind, but mind belongs to the
material part (body). This being so, WHO is there to take RE-BIRTH? WHO is
the CARRIER of VASANAS to the next birth?

I hope someone who has seen through this problem will help me see it too.
I'm anxiously waiting for a reply


Every jiva has two bodies, the gross or physical body and the subtle body.
The subtle body consists of the mind and the subtle counter-parts of the
organs of sense such as eyes, etc., and the organs of action in the physical
body. All actions and thoughts leave an impression called vasana on the
subtle body. During a life-time some vasanas get exhausted by action while
new vasanas accumulate. Death is the separation of the subtle body from the
gross body. It is this subtle body that goes to other worlds according to
the karma of the jiva and is born again in a new gross body. It is the
subtle body that reflects the pure Consciousness and makes itself and the
gross body appear to have sentiency. When the subtle body departs the gross
body becomes insentient. It is the subtle body with the reflection of
consciousness in it that transmigrates. The Self has no birth or death.


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