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sarvebhyo namaH |

As a reaction to my posting of December 5, 19:55 concerning the Itrans 
encoding of the nArAyaNIyam (98.7), shrii S.N. Sastri was kind enough to 
write to me directly; he also sent a PDF file with the devanAgarI text of 
the shloka. I was thus in a position to compare this devanAgarI text with 
the one I was obtaining by using the Itrans encoded text in Itranslator. It 
appeared that I had still made an error in trying to improve the first 
encoded text posted by shrii Sastri and for which I had been conceited 
enough to suggest an improvement. After exchanging a few e-mails and with 
SrI Sastri's approval, I am now in a position to give hereafter what should 
be the right Itrans encoding of the shloka 98.7 of the nArAyaNIyam:

bhUshhAsu svarNavadvA jagati ghaTasharAvAdike mR^ittikAvat
tattve sa~ncintyamAne sphurati tadadhunApyadvitIyaM vapuste |
svapnadrashhTuH prabodhe timiralayavidhau jIrNarajjoshca yadva-
dvidyAlAbhe tathaiva sphuTamapi vikaset kR^ishhNa tasmai namaste ||

May I ask some of the learned members in the A-List to use the above 
encoded text in Intranslator and check if they obtain a correct devanAgarI 
text that makes sense. If not, please kindly point to me my remaining 

vandanAni |

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The essence of advaita vedAnta is given in a nutshell in the following Sloka
in nArAyaNIyam of  nArAyaNa bhaTTatiri (daSaka 98, Sloka 7):--

bhUshAsu svarNavadvA jagati ghaTaSarAvAdike mRttikAvat

tattve sancintyamAne  sphurati tadadhunApyadvitIyam vapuste |

svapnadrashTuH  prabodhe  timiralayavidhau yadva-

dvidyAlAbhe tathaiva sphuTamapi vikaset kRshNa tasmai namaste ||

tattve sancintyamAne- When one reflects on the true nature of things,
bhUshAsu svarNavadvA—like gold in ornaments, or,
ghaTaSarAvAdike—in pots and other vessels,  mRttikAvat—like clay,
jagati- in the universe,
tat advitIyam te vapuH—That non-dual aspect of thine (alone),
adhunA api—even now (when we experience the universe as existing),
sphurati- shines.
svapnadrashTuH- for the dreamer,
prabodhe- on waking up,
timiralayavidhau—when the darkness is removed (by light),
jIrNarajjoH  ca- of the worn-out rope also,
yadvat tathA eva—in the same way itself,
vidyAlAbhe—on the dawn of knowledge,
sphuTam vikaset api—the Reality will also shine clearly,
(he) kRshNa, tasmai te namah—O kRshNa, prostrations to Thee, who art that
(the Reality).

   When one reflects on the true nature of things, one will realize that,
just as there is nothing but gold in all gold ornaments, and nothing but
clay in all pots and other earthen vessels, so also, there is only Thy
non-dual Self in reality even when this universe is seen as existing. This
Reality will shine clearly on the dawn of knowledge, just as the things seen
in a dream are found, on waking up, to have never existed  and the worn-out
rope (which was mistaken for a snake) is seen clearly when the darkness is
removed by a light. O kRshNa, prostrations to Thee who art that Reality.
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