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prem d p prem_d_p at yahoo.co.in
Mon Dec 17 10:47:18 CST 2007

  dear ramanathan,
  Self is spoken of as the Real Seer in the sense that it is the enlivening principle behind the insentient instrument which is the senses and mind. The seeing or knowing thro' the limiting adjuncts is similar to ignorantly seeing the snake on rope in dim light. In short you are right in your statement below.
  When I said in my previous post that all Knowables are nama-rupa, the knowability refers to object knowledge, and when i said that all Unknowables are the Seer/Self the unknowability refers to the impossibility of objectifying
  the Self.

Ramanathan P <p_ramanathan at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Prem's post was nice. To add my understanding: the Self is the witnessing conciousness of "seer, seen and seeing", hence automatically the nondual substratum of all three: they appear in the Self. Seeing and knowing should not be said to belong to the Self, rather to mind, eyes, etc.


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