[Advaita-l] Importance of Ashram

Ravi Parimi rparimi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 01:20:48 CST 2007

> By Deeksha I suppose you mean "learning". I think it is largely a
> personal preference as to who one should obtain guidance for learning
> from. For some the idea of getting a Deeksha and learn some
> technicalities, which is not wrong at all, may not appeal. What is
> best for you may not be suitable at all to another! For all that you
> know the sringeri swamiji may not even admit someone that is not a
> brahmana or not done veda adhyayana (I do not know what the rules
> are!)

Don't mean to begin a flame-war here, but isn't it ironic that an
institute that is committed to spreading the knowledge of vedanta and
supposedly abides in the fact "sarvaM khalvidaM brahma" bases so many
of its actions on caste? When I look at the videos in Sringeri's
website or any others in which Sringeri Swamiji appears, he is often
flocked by  priests or brahmins only, and seems to maintain quite a
bit of physical distance between himself and devotees. I cannot help
wondering if Adi Shankara himself laid down such laws to be followed
by all the leaders of the Shankara matha in subsequent years. If a
book listing such laws does exist, can someone please point the same
to me?

The best any teacher can do is to impart proper education to pupils
and perhaps lead by example. As Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi pointed out
many a time, the knowledge of the Self cannot be obtained by doing
karma A or karma B, for if it is such, it will go away in time. Also,
Bhagavan says that the Self is one's greatest teacher :)

The major outcome of shAstra adhyayana is to train the mind and make
it pure. Beyond that it really is Isvara's grace.

There's a wide variety of gurus that teach vedanta in today's world,
and it is often a challenge for one to choose a guru. One's destiny
seems to have a major hand in leading one to a Guru for spiritual

Here's wishing Anuj well in his quest..

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