[Advaita-l] Importance of Ashram

RAMESH RAMANAN rameshramanan at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 3 22:04:50 CST 2007

Hi Anuj,
  I did not intend to discourage you from your goal, but only wanted to caution against the pitfalls. Swami Parthasarathy is very well-known and he has written very good treatises on Vedanta and the Gita. He has extensively lectured on Vedanta as well. But if you could get Deeksha from Sri Bharathi Teertha Mahaswami and be under his guidance, that will be the best you can get in this yuga. There just can not be any second opinion on that. Next to this will be discipleship under a senior monk of the Sri Ramakrishna Order. I do not know much about Swami Parthasarathy's Ashram, but I think, it ranks third in my list of preferences if I were to join an Ashram. Best wishes, Ramesh Ramanan.

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