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Pranams Kuntimaddi-ji:

You write:
>> "These cancer cells or the tissue cells that are extracted are taken over
by another subtle bodies that is >> of unicelluar nature since they function
and reproduce. "

We seem to changing the books here. The "standard" understanding is that a
subtle body "takes birth" as "fresh" new life. Now we seem to say that when
there is a mutation of a cell (assuming that is what cancer is), a subtle
body enters it. And even if we grant this, what happens when the culture
turns out to be benign? What is the enlivining principle of the normal cells
now? When I give blood, my RBCs are intact and normal but not within my
body. What is their enlivining principle?

Thanks, Mahesh

On 8/23/07, kuntimaddi sadananda <kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Maheshji - PraNAms
> Here is my understanding.
> --- Mahesh Ursekar <mahesh.ursekar at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 1. What happens when some cells are extraced from
> > your body as a tissue
> > culture or suitably preserved while outside you. The
> > individual cells of
> > this culture continue to exhibit the same behavior
> > as when they were in your
> > body. They are living without the enlivining
> > principle of your subtle body.
> > According to your explanation, how is that possible?
> >
> First, when the cells are extracted, they are no more
> my cells - They were part of me as one organism when
> they are integrated as one - that is the reason I
> mentioned about the cancer cells.  These cancer cells
> or the tissue cells that are extracted are taken over
> by another subtle bodies that is of unicelluar nature
> since they function and reproduce. Life is pulsating
> there in each of these cells as an entity. That life
> or life forms are differnt from mine. When you prick
> them, I do not feel the pain  since their subtle
> bodies are differnt from mine.  They grow and multiply
> accoding to their capabilities - but they are not me.
> In fact you may be able to use them to clone anther
> multi cell organism and that organism is differnt from
> me with their own vaasanas and subtle body to go
> through their life.  Cloning process is exactly that.
> Why even when the conception occurs, two cells
> joinging as one and growing - it grows as separate
> individual.  In the unicellular experiement you
> mentioned, the culture cells can also eat one another
> since each wants to survive at the expense of others
> if there is no other source of food. Each has mind of
> their own!
> Organism is one as long as they are integrated as one
> and that integrated oneness is due to subtle body that
> is pervading as one. If there are many organisms in my
> body, each organism behaves differently competing with
> each other - since each is organized as separate
> entities and behave as separate entities. Therefore
> they have minds of their own that differ from mine.
> And they live at the expense of the host and can
> destroy the host for their survival. I have to leave
> that body and find another one that is more conducive
> or join the adviatin list to transcend my subtle body!
> The point is the life pulsates or enlivens whereever
> and whenever the uppadhis or equipments are conducive
> to express that all pervading light of consciousness.
> > 2. Why do you differentiate between bacteria
> > (prokaryote) and other cells
> > in your body (eurkaryote). They are both living. Why
> > does one have its own
> > subtle body while the other not?
> No, I am not differentiating them - they have their
> own subtle bodies compare to mine. Like we have big
> apartment where I am living but some intruders also
> come and live - unless I get rid of them they may
> occupy the whole place and kick me out. The cells that
> are integrated as one organism are governed by one
> subtle body. Those cells that disintegrate and behave
> not as integral unit as one organism but behave like
> different organisms, since their organization differs
> from mine.  The difference arrises since they show
> that they have mind of their own - and that mind is
> what we call their subtle bodies.
> Anyway that is how I understand as life. It is the
> expression of consciousness in the subtle and gross
> bodies depending on their capabilities to reflect.
> Scientist as Vidya is pointing is only trying assemble
> (not create) from nature what he sees are physical
> requirements for consciousness to express.  A
> scientist does not creat a life - life is the
> expression of all pervading consciousness in the
> matter that is suitable to express.
> In the gross body - it expresses as just existence. In
> the more sophisticated cells, it can express as life,
> if the physiological functions can take place due to
> subtle body.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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