[Advaita-l] Wrestle against Finitude

Sriram Krishnamurthy asksriramjobs at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 03:52:38 CDT 2007

Wrestle against Finitude
Note how Vairagya arises in the mind. The transitory and perishable nature
of all things creates a sort of disgust in all minds, and in proportion to
the depth and subtlety of nature, this reaction from the world works more or
less powerfully in the mind of every individual. An irresistible feeling
arises in our mind, viz., that the finite can never satisfy the Infinite
within us, that the changing and perishable cannot satisfy the changeless
and deathless nature of ours. When you are fully aware of the magnitude of
human sufferings in this miserable, relative world, you will naturally begin
to discriminate between what is Real and what is unreal.

Om Tat Sat Brahmarpanamastu,

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