[Advaita-l] vidyA in the chhaandOgyOpanishhad

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Fri Aug 17 07:03:54 CDT 2007

sarvebhyo namaH |

Here is one more question from the confused Frenchie: in the well known passages of the famous chhaandOgyOpanishhad known as sadvidyA (VI.8.1), bhUmavidyA (VII.12.1 - VII.13.1), daharavidyA (VIII.3.2), samprasAdavidyA (VIII.11.1), does the word vidyA has the usual meaning of "knowledge" ( M-W: f. knowledge (cf. %{kAla-jAta-v-}) , science , learning , scholarship , philosophy RV. &c. &c. - any knowledge whether true or false).


Although I cannot provide more accurate reference, I have read or heard or maybe just "remember" that some translators or commentators would have hinted that in the above context vidyA would as a fact mean meditation "upAsana(?)".

Is sadvidyA knowledge of Being or meditation upon Being?

Is samprasAdavidyA knowledge or meditation upon the soul during deep sleep ChUp. MBh. &c. (M-W.)?

In the Sanskrit-French dictionary of Mr GĂ©rard Huet, mainly based upon M-W as far as I can see, upAsana in addition of the sense of meditation is said to carry the meaning of knowledge. True or not?

Has SrI BhagavadpAda said something in his bhAshhya-s as to this point?

Any clarification on the subject would be helpful and highly appreciated.


dhanyavAdaH |


Guy W.

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