[Advaita-l] The Restless Quest.

Sriram Krishnamurthy asksriramjobs at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 01:30:45 CDT 2007

The Restless Quest
The human soul, being in fact a part and parcel of the Infinite Existence,
is in its essential nature identical with it. Being set awhirling in this
cycle of the world process, veiled from the knowledge of its essential
Divinity and its Consciousness severely limited by the encasing sheaths of
Matter, the Jiva ever seeks to put an end to this separation, limitation and
the sense of incompleteness that it feels. Through successive incarnations,
its life constitutes a constant reaching forth towards its Primal abode of
Infinite, Immortal Blissful Existence and until that state is attained, each
centre of individualised ego-consciousness will keep up this restless quest
on the upward path of evolution. Through every moment humanity as a whole is
inevitably and irresistibly being drawn up towards that Ideal State of
Perfect Existence.

Source : Swami Sivananda Daily Readings.

Om Tat Sat,

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