[Advaita-l] Bhamati and Vivarana

Ramesh Krishnamurthy rkmurthy at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 04:21:27 CDT 2007

On 13/08/07, srirudra at vsnl.com <srirudra at vsnl.com> wrote:
> Dear Sastri
> I think there are  contrary views expressed in para 3 -Sureswara preaches
> the philosophy of Knowledge cum action in opposition to Sankara and the 4th
> para says that Sureswara rejects it as the theory of Purva mimasakas.Shall
> thank you to clarify.Krishnamoorthy.

Sir, please read Sri Sastri's mail carefully. Sri Sastri has been
pointing out errors in the book by PS Roodurmun. PS Roodurmun
incorrectly states that Sureshvaracharya supports
jnAna-karma-samuccaya, whereas the correct position is that
Sureshvaracharya rejects jnAna-karma-samuccaya in the


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