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Sun Aug 12 03:18:24 CDT 2007

 Dear friend 
         I am fine.How are you?                    
         Take care about your health.
         I am heartly welcome you this page.      
           Now I am  thanking you, because you are sharing
                               in your greatest moment with me. 
         advaita:  "life in advaita"
            Dear Friend we are now in the same boat, because we are trying
            to know about ourself.
            I am always try to live with simple words,because I dont want to
            confuse me by critical words.
           dear friend "Imagine about a stright line"
            " If you try to draw a line in the world,
           imagine there is no disturbance every where for your line,  
           then you are drawing continiously likewise 
           the line becomes end the same point by making
           the circle by rotating the world"  
            with the above statement what i want to tell that 
            " like a line" , our actions are continiously makes some effects
             after one circle those actions are again reach you"
           If you think about anything after one circle you will definitely
           attack by in your own thoughts.
           so,"Be always thinking  about Great "God", after cirle you will 
           definitely under taken by your "God".    
             "the God Heaven has been opening  everytime"
              there is no gate for enter the heaven.
              Becuase the heaven is waiting for to welcome you. 
              But "the hell is always closed anytime"
                   eventhough  Sinners are trying to jump the wall  to
              enter the hell.
            Be enjoy honestly with your family.
             In Geetha Bhavan says 
                      "Arjuna do your work ,This situation is made by me"
             "Don't try to escape in your life"
             "Live in your life correctly whatever in given by me"
                "don't try to act like others"
                            take enjoy your life
                                      yours lovingly
                                      (s/o N.RAMAKRISHNAN)

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