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Dear Chandra Mouli,
As the Title suggests it is Shatakam which means 6 (six)only, How does 18th
Stanza come? If there are more than 6 stanzas,  please publish the text  for 
our information.
Subramanya UH
Consultant, Yokogawa
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> Dear Atmaswaroopa,
> Om Namo Narayanaya,
> Adverting to Mr. Lakshminarayana's mail a request is
> being made through this mail  seeking clarification of
> two sentences namely :
> 1."A suitable and consistent method to practice
> advaita (Jnana Yoga)";
> 2."Actually tried to practice advaita by trying to
> depersonalize my self". Please give what exactly you
> practised.
> In fact Adishankara and Upanishads are very clear
> about the practical aspects of Advaita.  One has to
> verify at what stage one is and take the guidance of a
> Guru or Shastra for practice. In other words:
> i).Shastra pramanam;
> ii).Guru Vakyam;
> iii).Swanubhavam
> which lead one to realising the Truth. Of the three,
> perhaps, the last one is most important.
> If one could experience  Jagat as Mithya, Nirvana
> Shatkam of Adisankara, perhaps, is the guiding pole
> wherein 18th stanza puts very candidly; "PitaA Naiva
> Me  NaivaMaAtaA Najanma"
> In the service of the Lord,
> C.Gunnala
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