[Advaita-l] Practice of advaita

chandramouli gunnala cgunnala at yahoo.co.in
Tue Aug 7 04:42:49 CDT 2007

Dear Atmaswaroopa,
Om Namo Narayanaya,
Adverting to Mr. Lakshminarayana's mail a request is
being made through this mail  seeking clarification of
two sentences namely :

1."A suitable and consistent method to practice
advaita (Jnana Yoga)";
2."Actually tried to practice advaita by trying to
depersonalize my self". Please give what exactly you

In fact Adishankara and Upanishads are very clear
about the practical aspects of Advaita.  One has to
verify at what stage one is and take the guidance of a
Guru or Shastra for practice. In other words:

i).Shastra pramanam;
ii).Guru Vakyam;
which lead one to realising the Truth. Of the three,
perhaps, the last one is most important.

If one could experience  Jagat as Mithya, Nirvana
Shatkam of Adisankara, perhaps, is the guiding pole
wherein 18th stanza puts very candidly; "PitaA Naiva
Me  NaivaMaAtaA Najanma"

In the service of the Lord,

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