[Advaita-l] Is vairAgya/renunciation a result of glumness??

Sundar Rajan avsundarrajan at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 6 00:20:04 CDT 2007

Namaste Kartik-ji,
  The simple answer to the question in the subject line is: "No."

A more detailed answer is: "VairAgya is a result of Yoga and/or
  This is a very good point, I was thinking along the same lines. 
  In the Gita verse 'tatraikagram manah kritva' (6.12), the Lord says that one should practice Concentration or Yoga for the purification of mind (atma visuddhaye). Since purification of mind results in Vairagya, it follows that Dhyana results in Vairagya.
  In a related context, there is a verse in Satasloki (#14) from the website llink posted by Sr SN Sastri-ji wherein Sankara refers to the Yoga Sutra definitions of Vairagya.

  Sundar Rajan

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