[Advaita-l] Audio of sandhyavandana mantras for dakSiNa Andhra sampradAya yajur veda

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Sri Chandrasekhar

In all the leading music stores of Hyderabad, we do find cassettes / CDs on sandhyavandanam; I am unable to recollect the name of the gentleman who has recited it but it is the standard one which is very similar to the version taught to me (I am a vaidIka velanATi, follower of the Krishna Yajus SAkha and the Apastamba sUtra, and of the lineage of sage Harita) and is infact our standard gift for the upanIta. One section deals with the ritual linearly, with  explanation in English and the second part contains the vedic mantras used in sandhyavandanam with svara; since the gentleman who recited this is also a sangIta vidvAn, he has recited the mantras at a slower tempo (tALa) making it easy to get the correct pronounciation. There is not a single word broken incorrectly.

The book on Sandhyavandanam in Telugu script and with explanation in Telugu published by Sri Rama Book Depot, Secunderabad, we found, is the best written form to accompany the cassette. 


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Shri S.V Subrahmanian,

Is there any chance of getting the sandhyavandana mantras for dakSiNa
Andhra sampradAya yajur veda in mp3 or other format?  I know the tamil
method whereas my son has been taught in dakSiNa Andhra sampradAya (We
recently conducted his Upanayanam. We are mulakanadu telugu Brahmins).
Although he has picked up the exact sequence and is able to recite the
mantras to a large extent with the help of a one time demonstration by
the shastrilu (duly captured on video) and a book in dakSiNa Andhra
sampradAya in Sanskrit, the flow of mantras with the due pauses and
pronunciations is missing since the Shastrilu recited the slokas word by
word. My son now needs the flow of mantras with the correct pauses and
pronunciations. I have searched all the leading audio shops in Chennai
for the same but could not get one. Can you help?


Saudi Arabia

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