[Advaita-l] Discussion on the Guru

srikanta at nie.ac.in srikanta at nie.ac.in
Sat Aug 4 02:22:11 CDT 2007

This with reference to sriKuntimaddi sadanada's,August 2 nd Email to my
discussion on the characteristics of Guru.It is true that it is not like
the ancient day's ,during the day's of Shankara.It is definitely possible
to identify a Guru.His external marks notwithstanding,a true Sishya who is
having the urge to know the Truth(not merely bookish knowledge)and that
whether he is a pretender or not.Such a Guru can only make the sishya
understand without any of his weight being thrown around.A Sishya has
definitely the adhikara to evaluate a Guru,in these days.

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