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Dear Sadanada,
It is stated by you" As I Understand" and you proceed to explain the meaning
of Shankara's Bhajagovindam.
I feel you have not understood the meaning what it should be: It means
"Whether you are in a state of Yoga or bhoga, in Satsangh or without
Satsangh, His mind which is constant play with BRAHMAN will ever  in a state
of bliss".
This don't imply how a Guru should be. There is no reference to "look like"
and also the last sentence is misinterpreted. "He  is the one whose mind is
constantly reveling in Brahman". It is the otherway. He becomes blissful
whose mind is reveling in Brahman.
If there is any more meaning to this, the learned ones can elucidate. or you
can correct my interpretation

Subramanya UH
Consultant, Yokogawa
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> --- srikanta at nie.ac.in wrote:
>>Practically speaking,in these days, it is hard
>> to get a Guru who is
>> honest and who is a "Brahmanishta".
>>The Gurus
>> themselves are too occupied
>> with the World and their own problems and are
>> groping in the dark.
> PraNAms
> As I understand:
> How does a guru should look like? Shankara gives a
> beautiful sloka in Bhajagovindam.
> yogaratOvA bhOgaratOvA
> sangharatovA sanghavihInaH|
> yasyat brahmaNi ramate chittam
> nadati nandati nadatyeva||
> He may look like a yogi or bhogi; he may be a man of
> downtown or sitting in the caves of Himalayas,
> he is the one whose mind is constantly raveling in the
> Brahman.
> And where is that Brahman for him to revel.
> 'antar bhahischa tat sarvam vyaapya naaraayana
> sthitaH' - he is inside and out side. So wherever and
> whatever he is involved, he is involved in or with
> Brahman.
> Then Gurus NEED NOT be some remote uninvolved entities
> but those who could very well be deeply involved in
> the problems of the world.
> Are there honest gurus and dishonest gurus in the
> world? - There are only honest or dishonest shishyaas,
> not gurus.  I have to discover a guru not that there
> are gurus that are there for me to pick up selecting
> those who are honest and rejecting those who are
> dishonest. If my mind becomes mature enough to
> discover a guru, Lord himself will show me one from
> whom I gain the knowledge that need to be gained.
> That is the Law. There are no certifications that one
> is guru and one is not.  I will discover a guru from
> whom I gained the required knowledge.
> The best thing is  not to look for a guru.  He will
> come when the time is right.  What is needed is to be
> associated with satsangh?
> sat sanghatve nissangatvam
> nissangate nirmohatvam
> nirmohatve nischala tatvam
> nischala tatve jiivan muktaH||
> Prepare the mind and let it blooms like a flower, a
> bee shall come in appropriate time. That is the law of
> nature.
> One discovers in ones heart that this person is my
> guru when he realizes that because of him I am able to
> see the truth as the truth.
> The best thing to do is stop evaluating gurus floating
> around but do ones saadhana to purify his own heart by
> associating with satsangh - satsangh is that company
> in whose presence my mind elevates itself - that
> includes books, thoughts, conversations and
> environments.
> Then one will find a right guru, appropriate for him.
> Those who discovered their gurus can vouch for it.
> Others may not vote for him; but you know he is my
> guru.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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