[Advaita-l] Mr.Rama Balasubramanian,s Email of April 25,2007

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 27 18:43:36 CDT 2007

>you at this instance and some of the list managers are losing patience on
>an important topic of Shankara advaitha,and if you do not like it you can
>express it decently instead of losing your head.Some Emails are censored
>and not published at all.If you do not like the way some of the members

Sri Srikanta,

To add to what Ravisankar has said, I am extremely disappointed with this 
mail of yours. All three of us moderators have explained to you via private 
email that all your posts have appeared on the list. They are present on the 
web archives and they have reached the email inboxes of everyone who 
receives individual mails from the list. There may have been some 
inadvertant dropping of posts from the digest mode, but we have explained to 
you that if so, it was caused by server/software error, and not due to 
active intervention on our part.

As moderators, the only request we have made of you is to not change the 
subject line the way you typically do. On this very thread, your subject 
line refers to Rama's email of April 25, 2007. I see three different mails 
from Rama with this date. Which one do you refer to? Wouldn't it have been 
easier to quote a relevant line from a specific post of his, maintaining the 
subject line, so that every reader can understand the context of your 
objection? There are more than 300 people subscribed to this list, from 
India, Europe, USA, South America and even Africa. In this global scenario, 
wouldn't it make better sense to maintain some common norms in email 
communication, instead of expecting everyone else to understand what one may 
or may not have intended mentally? That is all we have asked of you and we 
would appreciate your cooperation. Instead, all we have seen so far is an 
unfounded accusation.

For the benefit of other members, old and new, from day one, we have 
maintained a very open policy on this list, with absolute freedom of speech 
guaranteed to every member. Every list member has been welcome to post to 
the list. Each post is automatically processed by the list server and 
software, without requiring prior approval from the moderators. Frankly, we 
don't have the time to act as gatekeepers for this list, and we do not 
actively allow or disallow individual posts. Over the last decade, NOBODY 
has been censored on this list.

In about only two or three instances, we have had reason to temporarily put 
some posters on an "active" moderation mode, in order to contain tempers, to 
put a stop to offensive or profane language, or to halt threads that are 
irrelevant to the purposes of this list. Even in these cases, we took such a 
step only after repeated private requests to exercise self-moderation 
failed. And in each one of those cases, we privately wrote to the people 
concerned, telling them why we had to take these steps and we resolved their 
issues mostly amicably. We expect to carry this tradition forward for as 
long as this list survives.

Finally, let me reiterate once again that the posts on the Advaita-L list 
are sent by members. There is a big difference between the archives of this 
list and a "website" created by a few individuals. Within 
http://www.advaita-vedanta.org, we have a website created by some of us 
(edited manually and updated very infrequently nowadays) and we have the 
archives of the Advaita-L list (created automatically and updated as and 
when a mail is processed by the server). To confuse the one for the other is 
like confusing an arm for a leg. They are both limbs, but they are distinct 
from each other in structure and function.

Vidyasankar Sundaresan
Moderator, Advaita-L

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