[Advaita-l] Comments on section 3

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rama.balasubramanian at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 14:30:15 CDT 2007

Dear Sri Prem,

As usual, you have given some food for thought. Thanks. It's a good
suggestion to include material regarding the eternality of sruti. In
foot-note 33, I had claimed that I will discuss that issue in a future
publication (meaning that I'll never get to it :-)). I realized that
this was important, but seemed like too much stuff to put in this
paper. I'll think over the week-end on how to summarize Sankaras

I loved your statement:

>   - sruti is non-personal in its vastness of scope, yet inner to the individual.

I have never heard it said better!


On 4/26/07, prem d p <prem_d_p at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> namaste...
> Rama wrote:
>   BTW, do you have any comments on section 3? I think that's the most
>   interesting part. I had the greatest difficulty writing that section.

>   ref. section 3.5 - comments on sruti, tarka, and action:
> i really cannot comment here wih any authority, yet here i go...
>   i stand firmly on the ground that
>   - jnana does not act to create or destroy, it reveals
>   - jnana is not action
> - tarka or reasoning is action
> - reasoning seeks to create, erect a superstructure, it models as it goes
> - mundane anubhava is truth lost in action
> - sruti is revealed truth
>   - sruti is non-personal in its vastness of scope, yet inner to the individual.
>   sruti guides like the sun, it attracts by virtue of being the brightest,
>   yet the words 'cover the truth like the golden orb of the sun'. sruti is the beacon
>   in a trackless world of phenomenon. right reason (discrimination) winds its way
>   sruti-wards.
>   the fundamental question which has to be answered is the location of
>   appearance of sruti. as is evident from the records of the seers of the past,
>   in-wards is sruti-wards. soul of sruti is located in the inner 'akasha' (dahara).
>   though internal, sruti makes its appearance within panchakoshas to budhi,
>   but is really apart & inner to them. Words cover sruti.
>   it is said that Vedas are created with the world at the beginning of each cycle
>   of srushti, it would be worth examining this in the context of the section 3 of the
>   subject paper.
>   pranam.
>   ...prem

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