[Advaita-l] Mr.Rama Balasubramanian,s Email of April 25,2007

srikanta at nie.ac.in srikanta at nie.ac.in
Fri Apr 27 06:31:30 CDT 2007

Your letter is carrying the discussion too far since it invades personal
view points which could be discussed decently.Your matter and the way you
discuss it doesnot carry conviction,that is why one has to reply to it.I
am also a Tamil vadama Iyer.I would like to quote Thiruvalluvar here in
reply to your admonition:"Yakavarayinum Na Kakka".I am sorry to say that
you at this instance and some of the list managers are losing patience on
an important topic of Shankara advaitha,and if you do not like it you can
express it decently instead of losing your head.Some Emails are censored
and not published at all.If you do not like the way some of the members
express counterviews on the topics published here,why run this website at
all?You are violating your own dictum expressed in the rules and

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