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--- Krishnamurthy Ramakrishna <puttakrishna at verizon.net> wrote:

> Nature of ajnyAna.

> What this tells is that, the adhyAsa is of the 'bhAvarUpa'- of the
> form of
> 'is' in the antahkaraNa (wife is there, wealth is there etc.). The
> awareness
> in the misunderstanding is bhAvarUpa. But the kAraNa for this, the
> ajnyAna -
> lack of knowledge - is of the 'abhAvarUpa' - of the form of 'is
> not'.

You are saying that bhAvarUpa adhyAsa has as its kAraNam an
abhAvarUpa aGYAna. This is strange for two reasons:

1) It seems that a real effect (bhAvarUpa adhyAsa) can arise out of
an unreal cause (abhAvarUpa aGYAna). This is not what advaita
teaches, AFAIK.

2) This is out-of-sync with traditional AchAryas who teach that
aGYAna is bhAvarUpa -- see for example the series posting by Anand at
in this regard.

Can you please cite the references/sources for your information?


> How does bhAvarUpa adhyAsa come from abhAvarUpa ajnyAna? This is
> resolved
> when one notes that the ajnyAna as kArana of adhyAsa is a pretext,
> and not a
> nimitta or upAdAna.

This again contradicts the Sringeri AchAryas' teachings on aGYAna,
where aGYAna is said to be the upAdAna kAraNam of adhyAsa -- with
support from Sruti. Please refer to Anand's posting above.

It would be great if you can provide references from the
Sruti/smRRiti/bhAshhyas for your statements.



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