[Advaita-l] Advaita vEdAnta - Unit (25)

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Thu Apr 26 13:57:07 CDT 2007

  dear sri krishnamurthy,
  i read your post with great interest and would appreciate your kind
  critical review of my following understanding.
i understand the pratibhasika satya as the percepts, and as belonging to the
  annamaya-pranamaya kosha (to me the whole world of phenomena is also the
  individual's annamaya-pranamaya kosha). vyavaharika satya are the concepts
  which are the same pratibhasika satya manifesting in the 
  manomaya-vijnanamaya kosha. fundamentally there can be no difference in
  them. i also would not admit any primacy of one over the other in any ontological sense. vijnanamaya kosha is of great usefulness to the seeker of liberation as it yields to quiescence by way of assuming a satvic state. the
  annamaya-pranamaya kosha also responds by shedding its ontic significance.
  this is acceptable to me because to me it seems that the disappearance from 
  view is as much prAtibhAsikam as its appearance to senses.
  Also, by the way, what is the reference/source for your post?
  i have tried to understand the  distinction you have made between 'bhava-rupa' 
  and 'abhava-rupa' as the difference between 'seeing' and 'seen', is this the

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