[Advaita-l] Sringeri AchAryas on the vivaraNa - the cause of adhyAsa (2)

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Tue Apr 17 03:15:22 CDT 2007

bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com  wrote:
>...<tirade against vyAkhyAnakAras deleted > It is really unfortunate to see 
>the Locus of avidyA is >brahman & it existence since time immemorial in 
>Atman alone in advaita vEdAnta despite
>shankara clearly saying that in our vyavahAra avidyA appears to be the 
>quality or attribute of >antaHkaraNa..

It is clearly a mistake to treat mUlAvidyA as something that really rests in 
Brahman. PadmapAda makes it clear at the outset by using the word 
mithyAjnAna (mithyA ajnAna) that this ignorance is only mithyA, 
anirvachanIyA. It is this unreal ajnAna that has its locus as Brahman. As 
such, the whole situation of ajnAna having Brahman as locus is also unreal. 
Upon the dawn of Brahman realization, the ajnAna disappears and so does the 
very "fact" that the ajnAna had Brahman as its locus.

A related objection, albeit couched in sophisticated language, appears in 
the second definition of unreality in the advaita siddhi 
(www.advaitasiddhi.org). MadhusUdana SarasvatI has provided an apt reply to 


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