[Advaita-l] Reconciling advatia with bhAgavata dharma

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Sat Apr 14 05:49:03 CDT 2007

Hari Om,

Pranams Vidhyashankar ji,

I hail the foray of thought supplied to reconcile Bhagavata dharma with that
of Advaita. Here that I would simply say, Visistadvaita falls on the so
called vyavaharika plane as explained by the Advaitins. But at the
paramartika level the sajatiya, vijatiya and svagata bhedas which play a
prompt role in vyavaharika –( visistadvaita ) level are conglomerated by the
shruthi vakya 'ekamevadvitiya'. Ekam evam a-dvitiyam correspondingly treats
to do away with the three bedhas and lapses into the Nirvisesa chinmatram
Brahman. As Vedanta desika refers that the time factor (dravya) is the cause
for the vyavaharika transactions that is due to the Narayana samkalpa.
Nayayika too defines time as 'vyavaharika hetu'. Advaitins will have no
problem to accept that time is the underlying principle for the empirical
presence and their transactions which are nothing but the play of maya.
'vaishnavim sAm MayAm' says acharya in his githa bhasya. Maya is none but
the consort of Vishnu. The shriyapathithvam is thus subscribed by Shankara
himself. The Iswara aikyam is itself liberation to shankara even Vidya ranya
adheres to this view. Possibility of Nirguna bhakthi ( bhakthi must not be
differentiated with jnana) to Vidyaranya is through the saguna upasana
alone. Once iswara aikya is reached, it automatically takes a muktha to the
nirguna Brahman. Scrapping the dispute on the rejection of nirguna Brahman
by the visistadvaitins, advaitins will never have any problem to stay cool
with mere sagunopasana alone. Any ways it is very important to note that,
the term Bhagavata may solely be claimed only by Shankara's Advaita and
Ramanuja's visistadvaita alone and not by any other schools. Appaya
dikshitha's  (siva-visistadvaitin) 'sarva mukthi prasanga'  is still a
blasphemy of stifle thought to advaita.

With Narayana Smrthi,

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