[Advaita-l] Paper on SSS: avidyA, clarifications

Praveen bhatpraveen at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 11:59:53 CDT 2007


I hereby declare that I've not read the works of SSS and don't intend
to comment on the person, but intend to share my understanding and
seek clarifications from the author of the paper or others for my own


I'm not specifically following the rules you mentioned since I'm not
neither contradicting you nor debating to prove a point. Hope that is

2.1.1 (page 4, quotation 3): avidyA being "*subjective* as well as
*natural* tendency of the mind" itself seems contradictory, IMHO.
Doesn't the term natural, here, mean that its a common happening? That
commonness would bring in a non-subjective generic behavior of avidyA,
leaving aside subjectivity.

2.1.3 (page 7, The Fundamental Error - Sankara's Adhyasa Bhasya):
Since the fundamental error is that the observer is superimposed on
the self, could it (also) be interpreted to mean that the reverse
superimposition of the self on the inner organ is itself a *result* of
initial adhyAsa/ superimposition? In which case, the second (part of
the) error itself becomes a disparate error based on the first, ergo,
not so fundamental.

Thanks much.


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