[Advaita-l] Paper on SSS

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Thu Apr 12 10:20:38 CDT 2007

  dear sri rama,
  my main and indeed only motive in studying this paper and requesting for
  clarifications is a better understanding of adi shankara.
  request for clarifications - section 2:
  2.1 - definitions: epistemic & ontic
  - as pointed out by you the terms shall be allowed to assume their full
  significance to the total context of the text, and so i reserve my comments to a
  later stage.
  2.1.3 - ".... fundamental error is a superposition of an observer on the real."
  Atman is defined to have a permanent sAkshi-bhAva, it is sakshi to the last
  sublation or nirasa of even the Seen. 
  Brahman (beyond description) is defined to be Existence, Consciousness,
  These descriptions for the Absolute, are the nearest we can come to an
  absolute silent contemplation of them. In the light of this, how is your 
  statement above to be approached?
  2.1.3 - page 7 - "And the ego-sense is indeed the fundamental problem"
  This I am able to fully appreciate. But how is this to be linked to your statement
  on 'superposition of observer'.
  2.3 page 10 - "Activity can proceed only from ignorance and thus cannot lead
  to realization."
  Yes, i am able to see this. I understand 'activity' as the yardstick of 'time', Time
  is generated by mind in response to its need to order activity driven change. 
  Also I see how it is in this sense that avidya is seen to be endless, 
  notwithstanding its sublatability.Thus here I fully appreciate your understanding
  that time is existent only in the realm of avidya.

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