[Advaita-l] Reconciling advatia with bhAgavata dharma

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 11 00:22:05 CDT 2007


Expanding on a previous post (copied below):

We have seen three entities: kSara puruSa,
akSara puruSa, and puruSottama.

Following this theory, there are two paths 
that one can choose to adopt:

Path1: Here one focuses exclusively on the 
puruSottama and strives to overcome everything
that is in the realm of mAyA. 

Path2: One strives to increase ones 
understanding of purusottama, and mAyA
shakti. However, the goal is to attain 
the state of akSara puruSa. 

In path2, since the final goal is an
asymptotic state it is never "attained",
Hence a "difference" between the bhakta
and bhagavAn (akSara puruSa) is always
maintained. Also a "difference" between
one bhakta and other is always maintained.
These statements should be acceptable since
they are made in the context where mAyA
has NOT been (completely) overcome.

Using this line of thought it should be 
possible to understand bhAgavata dharma
(vishiSTa advaita), and advaita from a 
non-conflicting viewpoint.


> Namaste,
> Some thoughts on this topic, with specific reference
> to Gita chapter 15:
> 1. Broadly speaking there are two entities: kSara 
>    puruSa(-s) and puruSottama. 
> 2. kSara puruSa-s exists in the realm of mAyA, 
>    puruSottama is the "One" beyond mAyA.
> 3. Within kSara puruSa-s there exist levels based on
>    "spiritual evolution". Let us represent these 
>    levels by: ....., L(N-1), L(N), L(N+1), ....
> 4. In general, L(n), with n ranging from -INF to 
>    + INF (INF = infinity)
> 5. Define the limiting kSara puruSa : 
>    lim n -> +INF L(n) = akSara puruSa.
> 6. Ishvara is this limiting condition, attainable 
>    only asymptotically.
> Regards,
> Shrinivas
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