[Advaita-l] In reply to N. Srikanta as to anubhava and anubhUti

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Sun Apr 1 04:14:44 CDT 2007

  Dear N. Srikanta,
  I have not had the opportunity to read sri bhashyam yet. So could you kindly 
  elaborate a little on the criticism on 'Anubhuti by Vimuktatman' 
  ie. both the advaitic standpoint and the vishista advaitic.

  Thank you very much for your Email explaining the difference
> between 'Anubhava" and "Anubhuthi". "Anubhava" is a Universal experience
> that can be experienced by sense organs and also some times by the
> mind. How is "anubhuthi"experienced?Since it is an intuitive experience,or
> if it can be called an "Insight"what is the organ or the instrument which
> experiences "Anubhuthi". As I have read,i have read about for
> example,"Kandar Anubhuthi" in Tamil.Here it means "Grace of Kandan".since
> there is no other organ except the mind,how is this grace experienced?
> Does the mind experience"Anubhuthi"to the exclusion of all other wordly
> experiences?
> Incidentally,while I was studying Ramanujacharya's "Sri Bhashya",I have
> come across this term"Anubhuthi"in the "Purvapaksa"(The Adwaitic position)
> against which Ramanujacharya has directed his criticism. He seems to have
> criticised this view of "Anubhuthi" by Vimuktatman.
> Thanking You, Vandanani. N.Srikanta.
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