[Advaita-l] RE: Advaita-l Digest, Vol 41, Issue 28

Krishnan S krishnan.sankara at gmail.com
Sat Sep 30 11:30:37 CDT 2006


With the respect to your query on '1200 years Vs 2500 years', you came
across on Kanchi home page, may I submit the following?

On Adi Sankara, scholars seem to agree on the following ONLY

            a) That he was born at Kaladi of Kerala

            b) That he was just 32 years when he attained mukti

And scholars seem to differ on rest of issues like

            a) when he was born (and hence when he attained mukti)

            b) What works he himself authored

            c) What mutts he himself established

            d) where he attained mukti

Looks like that we may never have closure on these issues to the
satisfaction of all

S. Krishnan


> One small doubt.. You are referring to "1200 years" which I believe is
>related to Adi Sankara's life time (founder of Advaita sastras)... But I
>find that Sri Adi Sankara was born at Kaladi on Vaisaka sukla-panchami
>of the cyclic year Nandana - Kali 2593 corresponding to 509 B.C.
>(reference in kamakoti.org website)

>This means about "2500 years" for all your references.. Can you please
>tell me which is correct - 1200 years or 2500 years

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