[Advaita-l] Overlooking what is Immediate - parables of Sringeri Acharyal

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(From the book: 'Edifying Parables' of HH
Jagadguru Sri Abhinava Vidyateertha Mahaswamigal
published by Sri Vidyateertha Foundation, Chennai)

Overlooking What is Immediate

Once ten fools crossed a river. After reaching the opposite
bank, they wished to ascertain whether all of them had crossed.
One of them started to count. He listed all except himself and so
concluded that one of them had drowned. This caused him
much grief. Another fool made the same error and confirmed
that one person was missing. Consequently, all of them began
to weep.

A well-wisher happened to pass that way and sought to
know what their problem was. One of the fools said,
"Ten of us set out to cross the river but now we are only nine."
The well-wisher was amused. He told the leader "Please count and
let me know how many of you are here." As the others had done
before him, he arrived at the answer, "Nine". The well-wisher
announced, "No. The tenth man is not dead."
The fools experienced some relief. Quickly pointing at the man who
had counted, he continued, "You are the tenth man."
The significance of the well-wisher's words dawned on the fools.
Exultation replaced their grief.

Each fool forgot to count himself; we have forgotten our
true nature of being the non-dual Supreme. Playing a role like
that of the well-wisher of the story, the Sadguru tells his disciple,
"You are not the limited, miserable person you imagine yourself
to be. You are the Supreme that is of the nature of existence,
consciousness and bliss".

A very pure-minded disciple promptly becomes enlightened.
A disciple of a lower caliber has to serve his Guru for long and
sincerely practice spiritual disciplines to rid himself of defects
such as uncertainty and misapprehension. Thereafter, he obtains
direct realization of the Truth.

Sundar Rajan

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